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Week 7

So as some of you know, the past few weeks have been really rough for me. This is Week 7 of my adventure. Hopefully I won't have to go to the doctor's this week, like I have for the previous 6.

Lets start back in the beginning of February...

Week 1: A friend and I were horse-playing in a parking lot when his elbow accidentally made contact with my nose. Seeing as how my nose is on the rather petite side, I heard it crack and knew something wasn't right. Got some x-rays the next day and low and behold, a nasal fracture!

Week 2: I get really sick, and have to go see the Nose doctor who wants to reset my nose, but I was way too sick. I had a sinus infection plus something else. Yay for Amoxicillin!

Week 3: Still on antibiotics, I go in to get my nose reset under local anesthesia. My good friend Lee came with me so I wouldn't have to drive my ass back over from San Jose to Santa Cruz. So, before they can administer a shot of novacaine up inside my nose, they have to spray a really strong decongestant and then a topical numbing agent. When the doctor sprayed up the latter of the two, I passed out for a while... like 15-30 seconds. At least Lee got a good laugh out of it :) Nevertheless, they wouldn't touch me anymore that day, and rescheduled me for the following week.

Week 4: My dad drives up from Southern California to take care of me because they are going to put me under general anesthesia on Tuesday so I don't accidentally pass out again. The bastards reschedule me for the next day, so I get to hang out with my dad, and let my nose heal an additional day. Wednesday rolls around and a really strong doctor puts a metal rod up my nose while his helpers hold my head so he can push as hard as possible to reset my nose. Unfortunately for me, the bones have already set and he ends up causing a lot of pain with no results. Poor doctor. But more importantly, I was the one in tons of pain and dealing with coming out of general anesthesia which really messed with me.

Week 5: So I am finally starting to feel better and all- dancing again even! So, dancing en point on a rather slick floor, it is my luck to slip and fall right on my low back, thus causing an already sensitive part of me to become extremely painful to the point of almost not being able to walk. I am a rockstar. So I go to get x-rays to make sure I don't have a ruptured disk or something, so that was good, but my back is still weird othersise.

Week 6: Back to the hospital in San Jose for the 6th week! I meet with the doctor who tried, poor guy, to fix my nose with the metal rod. I was having a lot of pain in my face still, due to another sinus infection and swelling. At least the stuff for the swelling will also help my back. Yay for Cefalexine and Prednisone!

Week 7: So currently being rather messed up on the previous two medicines, I am told that I have an extra lumbar vertebra by my chiropractor. Something we just neglected to count up before I guess. Yay for my strange body. So lets just make this a week without a trip to the hospital. I would really like that.

On to the future I go! Hopefully not wrecking any more havoc on my body! Weeeee!

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I have really cute new glasses :)

I am finishing up a really long stay in Southern California! Back up to Santa Cruz in a few hours! Yay!

Hope all of you had nice holidays and I send my best wishes for the new year.

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luc****: everything about you is/was/will be wierd
luc****: I bet you even use wierd toothpaste
NikiAurora: yeah i do
luc****: HAH!

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Dilbert said it best:

"The purpose of life is self-deception. So remember, try not to think of yourself as an organic pain collector rushing toward oblivian."